• Educational Tours and Visits

    At GGNIS, we believe that educational field trips are an integral part of the curriculum and are crucial for every student to acquire practical knowledge in addition to conventional learning. Here, our students learn to appreciate design, functionality or gain insights into streamlined principles at places of visit. These visits enhance observatory and interpersonal skills amongst fellow students outside the four walls of a classroom. Field trips for all grades are organized every academic year in relevance with the learning curriculum.

    Science fairs/Arts – Dance, Dramas and Skits

    These fairs enable an opportunity to investigate and present science or showcase an artistic display. Our students, as an individual or a team formulate a question, research a topic, design an experiment, collate and analyze data, and form a conclusion based on their work. These projects help them understand scientific methodologies. They also learn to display their work in an attractive clear and effective oral presentation. There is no better way to convey a message than a performance in an artistic manner. Children of all ages with the help of their teachers enact social messages to create awareness amongst fellow school students on various issues regularly.


    To enrich your child’s learning experience and cultivate discipline, patience, self-esteem, team spirit and fun, GGNIS offers a wide range of individual and team activities. Extra-curricular activities are as crucial as academics to your child’s well being. We understand this need and have collaborated with EduSports, which aims to provide a Holistic Education through Sports. Our activities include but are not limited to sports, art, music, karate, dance and drama. This programme seamlessly integrates with the various components in your child’s ecosystem.