• With rich experience on the educational front since founding GGN Matriculation School in 2002, we have now transformed to GGN International School (GGNIS) post Cambridge IGCSE affiliation in 2015. Young minds today are more inquisitive, creative and dynamic. We believe that our highly flexible and stimulating curriculum coupled with advanced resources and training strategies would enable every unique student to achieve his/her highest potential. The principle aim of GGNIS is to provide a conducive environment to nurture the hidden talents and specific interests of our children. Let us lay a strong academic and moral foundation to equip your child for life!

    GGNIS - Our Tenets

    • To cultivate a genuine interest in academic, cultural, social and extra-curricular sport activities.
    • To enhance critical and creative thinking abilities in challenging environments. We teach our children to apply textbook knowledge to real world scenarios.
    • We provide a “home away from home” environment at GGNIS. Our teachers and students share a cordial relationship to facilitate better academic & personal interactions.
    • The curriculum at GGNIS is holistic, rigorous, intellectually stimulating and yet less pressurizing.
    • We promote a curiosity driven inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning.
    • We impart ethical and moral attitudes to our children towards being responsible global citizens.

    Chairman’s Preamble


    I am passionate about educating children. Nurturing students in my experience has been rewarding. The mutual knowledge and values we share from each other is gratifying.

    Seeing a student grow and watching their understanding of the world deepen with each passing year is what a teacher aims for. We are truly aware of the importance of the school’s relationship with the parents and guardians. We aim to build a secure bond with the students and their families to ensure a successful transfer of knowledge.

    Children learn at different paces and are interested in a variety of diverse aspects. The curriculum we have chosen now addresses this requirement in full and the student has access to a broad, stimulating and challenging academic material.

    We have an excellent mix of staff who progress from teachers in the initial years to facilitators. Today, being able to simply remember, repeat or reproduce information has now been replaced with being able to find and use this information in an advantageous manner.

    The stress free and conducive learning environment provided for the students at GGNIS will definitely help ensure that their aim to acquire a firm foundation of life long skills is fully complied.

    G. Narendra,